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This page features videos of public talks,

followed by some unpublished work. 


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Pedagogy, Human Development and Socialism: The Bolivarian Revolution

Selections from a conversation between Peter McLaren and Michael Lebowitz, Part 1 and Part 2

Caracas, September 2006


Building it Now in Venezuela: Socialism for the 21st Century

Toronto, June 2007


Participatory Democracy and Human Development

Discussion among Robin Hahnel, Daniel Schugurensky, and Michael Lebowitz, Parts 1-5

Caracas, July 2007


Workers Control – Theory and Experiences

Panels and discussion hosted by the Centro Internacional Miranda

Caracas, October 2007


Socialism and Venezuela

Presentation to Socialist Alliance Forum, Parts 1-3

Melbourne, April 2009


Intellectuals, Democracy and Socialism

Presentation to Encuentro Intelectuales Revolucionarios Realizado en el Centro Internacional Miranda, Parts 1 -3

Caracas, June 2009


Workers Control, Workers Councils and the Social Economy

Presentation to workers at ALCASA, the state-owned aluminum industry, Parts 1-4

Cuidad Guyana, Venezuela, August 2009


Interview on Cuban TV

Discussion with Aurelio Alonso, Parts 1-2

Havana February 2010


Reinventing socialism and recovering Marx

Parts 1-10

Zagreb, May 2010


The Socialist Alternative – Real Human Development

Presentation at SFU Harbour Centre, Parts 1-2

Vancouver, October 2010


21st Century Socialism: The Strategy of the Left and the Latin American Experience

Presentations to N. Poulantzas Institute and Transform Magazine, Parts 1-3

Athens, Greece — December 2010


The Concept of Fairness Possibilities, Limits, Possibilities

Presentation to Critical Social Research Collaborative (CSRC) – the Fourth Annual Conference in Critical Social Research: Faultlines of Revolution!

Ottawa, May 2012


Primitive Accumulation vs. Contested Reproduction

Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 2013


Contested Reproduction and the Contradictions of Socialism

Presentation to the Center for Politics of Emancipation

Belgrade Serbia, May 2013


Spectres and Struggles

Zagreb, Croatia, May 2013


World Peace Forum Panel 2013 – Building Parties

Presentation to World Peace Forum, Parts 1 and 2

Vancouver, 2013


Economic Problems Facing Venezuela

Delhi, March 2014


New Paths Require A New Culture of the Left

Presentation by Marta Harnecker upon receiving the Libertador Award for Critical Thinking

August 2014


Democracy Under Capitalism and Socialism

Presentation to the International Seminar, ‘Socialism, Democracy and Visions for the 21st Century’

Hyderabad, India, June 2014


What is Socialism in the 21st Century

Presentation to Socialist Alliance conference

Sydney, May 2016


If You Don’t Understand the Second Product in Capital, You Understand Nothing

Presentation to International Conference:150 years of Karl Marx’s “Capital” – Reflections for the 21st century

Athens, January 2017



*   *  Unpublished work   *   *


The Becoming of “Real Socialism” (2011…) 

Discussion of the emergence of what I have called “vanguard relations of production” in the early Soviet Union, originally drafted for inclusion in Contradictions of ‘Real Socialism’: the Conductor and the Conducted (2012).